Grid-Tied Battery Bank

Grid-tied Solar Battery Bank

With a grid tied solar battery bank your home is still connected to the grid. Your main source of electricity will still be from your solar panels and the grid. The battery backup is in place to provide a form of energy storage, for times when the grid has lost power and the sun is not out.
Without a battery bank you will not be able to take advantage of your solar panels when the power goes out. Due to safety reasons and requirements in National Electric Code, grid tied PV generating systems must remain isolated from the electric grid if the grid is down. You wouldn’t want your solar to put energy on the power lines while the lineman is trying to fix it. The only way to use your solar array in a power outage is to add a battery back-up system.

AEC is your trained and experienced battery-back up installer in the Lynchburg area and Central Virginia! We are certified and trained by multiple battery manufacturers to offer a wide range of Lithium, Gel, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM), Partial State of Charge (PSOC), and Lead Acid Batteries.


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