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AEC offers Thermal Solar design, installation, and maintenance services for a home or commercial Thermal Solar System

According to the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) water heating and space heating are the top two energy uses in the average home.  Why not let heat from the sun reduce your utility bill to heat your water and your home?

Thermal Solar is a much simpler form of solar technology that captures the sun’s energy as heat in a water and glycol mixture inside a collector, and transfers that heat to your domestic hot water tank.  Any time throughout the year when the sun is shining, let the sun warm your water instead of electricity or natural gas.  Thermal solar used to be much more common when it was cheaper than PV solar equipment.  Now that the cost of PV solar is much more affordable, we find thermal solar to be less popular than PV for the average customer.

The best candidates for one of our Thermal Solar systems are families or businesses that use lots of hot water.  So if you use electricity to heat large volumes of water for the kid’s showers or laundry, give us a call.  A basic home Thermal Solar system is approximately $8,000-$12,000 installed and is eligible for the 26% Federal Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit.  If your business needs hot water for washing dishes, washing equipment, or other industrial processes let us provide you an estimate today!

We offer flat-plate collectors, evacuated tube collectors, drain-back, and closed loop systems.  AEC has installed over 20 Thermal Solar Systems since 2010.  AEC installed a 12 collector system for Danville Community College in 2017, and a 20 Collector system for University of Lynchburg’s Montgomery Hall to warm water for residents in the dorms.