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We help companies like yours reduce their electricity bills by 40-95% on a fully-funded zero capital expenditure basis, by installing solar systems along with energy efficient upgrades such as HVAC replacements and LED lighting upgrades. We can even include deferred maintenance such as roof replacements into our program.

There is absolutely no reason not to call or email us today for your free solar proposal. It’s free and only requires a copy of your latest power bill. There is no other way to reduce your operating cost more effectively.

Financial Options:

  • CPACE Loan
  • Purchase Power Agreement
    • A solar power purchase agreement (SPPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party developer owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system, and a host customer agrees to site the system on its property and purchases the system’s electric output from the solar services provider for a predetermined rate typically charged by the kwh. The rate typically has rate escalators built into the PPA agreement.
    • PPA Pros:
    • No upfront payment
    • No financing required
    • Monetizes federal solar tax credits
    • No risk of ownership pertaining to system production and maintenance
    • No risk of weather conditions that adversely affect solar production
    • Simple Process to get deal done

Tax Credits:

  • The new Inflation Reduction Act has major tax credit benefits available to solar projects. Call us today for more specific information concerning your specific project.
  • If your Business or Non-profit can’t use the Tax Credits available, we will monetize them for you.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC):


  • We have vetted 3rd party engineering firms skilled in solar design to handle the Structural and Electrical Engineering for your project.


  • We have global relationships with Tier 1 / Bankable solar equipment manufacturers to ensure we provide top quality equipment on every project.
  • We can also provide 3rd party insurance policy’s for long term warranties.


  • Our crews are trained in solar installations
  • We do all of our own electrical installation without use of subcontractors
  • All of our project managers have NABCEP certifications

Operations and Maintenance:

  • We have a great plan for Operations and Maintenance and provide this service for the first 5 years of your project for free.
  • All solar systems have great monitoring systems making operations and maintenance easy.
  • We have a dedicated staff of service technician’s that handle operations and maintenance for our customers.

Commercial Projects

Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

200KW Grid Tied PV System

BMS Direct

291.84kW Photovoltaic System

Hotel Floyd

15 kW Photovoltaic System

QAD – Quality Archery Design Inc.

61.6 kW Photovoltaic System

Non-Profit Projects

Culpeper County Public Schools – CTEC

558kW Grid Tied PV System

Valley Elementary School

1.1mW Grid Tied PV System

Bath County High School

1.1mW Grid Tied PV System

Millboro Elementary School

1.1mW Grid Tied PV System

BARC - Electric Cooperative

550kW – Community Solar Garden

Be a Good Neighbor


Demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of your community


Reduce your carbon footprint


Increase your net income


Boost the value of your business


Village Green Project

The Village Green, LLC installed 25 KW of solar panels on our building in downtown Floyd in August of 2011. The design and installation of the system was performed by Affordable Energy Concepts Inc.. The system has been performing flawlessly since installation and is furnishing about 30,000 KWHr of electricity per year.

The personnel at Affordable Energy Concepts were very professional throughout the whole process. Their skill and attention to detail ensured that our system would bring us years of faithful service.Their continued support in the years since installation has been excellent, always happy to check on things or answer any questions we have. In summary, we have been very pleased with the work that Affordable Energy Concepts has done for us and we would not hesitate to use them on another future project.

Best Regards,
Michael Maslaney

Quality Archery Designs Inc.

I am writing to you to express our satisfaction with the solar energy products and service we have received from David Wall & Affordable Energy Concepts, Inc.

David Wall and his team were a wealth of knowledge. We entered the solar energy realm without much knowledge and they were very helpful in explaining the technology and the products available as well as answering our questions and helping us to choose the best products and setups for our needs. In fact, even after the installation was complete and they received their payment, they have been very willing to answer our questions.

The installation was completed quickly, professionally, and without any disruption to our operations. Even after the initial installation, when we asked to have a wire rerouted, they did so at no additional charge. Additionally, they have continued to manage our installation and energy output.

The products they installed for us have exceeded the output they told us to expect. I think this is just an example of their integrity. Many businesses would have stretched the specs in the hopes of making more sales, but this has not been the case in our experience with David.

We recommend that you consider David Wall & AEC if you are planning a solar installation for your business or home.

Dan Summers

BMS Direct

Since 1973, BMS Direct has provided direct marketing solutions, from creative design and printing to complete mailing, invoicing and fulfillment services. As a firm believer renewable energy sources, I started looking at the feasiblity of a solar power systems in 2015. In January 2016, I decided that a solar power system would be a viable, long term solution to help offset our ever-increasing energy costs. I contacted three contractors and started to work through the due diligence process, ultimately selecting Affordable Energy Concepts (AEC) for the installation. I could not be more pleased with how smooth the process transitioned from signed contract to final installation and startup. Both David Wall and David Desjardans are very knowledgable and were helpful in communicating with both our utility provider and City of Lynchburg during the process. AEC informed me from the start that they would not rest until they were sure that BMS had the best possible system that would serve our needs for the next 25+ years. I would highly recommend AEC due to their industry knowledge and their willingness the go “above and beyond” to ensure that their customers are well informed throughout the entire process. Great job guys!

James E. LaPrade
BMS Direct

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