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Free Estimate & Solar Analyst – The federal solar Investment Tax Credit allows you to receive a 26% tax credit when you install a solar energy system at your home. Affordable Energy Concepts can help you find the financing you need to reduce the upfront cost of your conversion.

Eliminate or Reduce Your Electric Bill – The money you save when converting to solar energy will help you lower your electric bill and increase your cash flow to spend or invest elsewhere.

Enhancing Resale Value – Your solar investment is a guaranteed return on investment, with immunity from utility rate increases, and increasing the value of your property. The U.S. Department of Energy found that homes with solar integration sell twice as fast as homes without.

Clean Sustainable Energy РLet your home produce clean and infinite energy. All while creating and maintaining green jobs to reduce society’s need for fossil fuels.

Residential Projects

Elon, VA

9kW w/ Battery Back Up

Fredericksburg, VA

3.4kW Roof Mount Grid Tied

Bedford County, VA

10.5kW Roof Mount Grid Tied Photovoltaic System

Amherst County, VA

12.15 kW Ground Mount Grid Tied Photovoltaic System

Floyd County, VA

4kW Roof Mount Grid Tied

Amherst County, VA

9.69 kW Roof Mount Grid Tied Photovoltaic System

Battery Backup

AEC is your trained and experienced battery-back up installer in the Lynchburg area and Central Virginia! We are certified and trained by multiple battery manufacturers to offer a wide range of Lithium, Gel, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM), Partial State of Charge (PSOC), and Lead Acid Batteries.

Grid-tied Solar Battery Backup

For use when the grid has lost power and the sun is not out.

Off Grid Solar Battery Bank

A battery bank will capture, and store excess energy created from your solar system, allowing you to keep the lights on at night or when weather prevents good solar production.

home solar energy


Affordable Energy Concepts is a certified Tesla installer, able to help you with any of your Tesla related products.

AEC is also a licensed electrical contractor, that will make sure the install is done right the first time.

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  • Let AEC trouble shoot any issues your system may be having
  • Periodic Solar system checkups will ensure your system is working properly
  • Needs change over time, AEC can look at your system to see if there is
    room for improvement
  • Adding addition panels to an existing system
  • Individual panel production check
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Whole Home Energy Audit

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