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AEC had one of its many satisfied customers featured in Business insights & Resources section of Opportunity Lynchburg.

“Solar Success: How One Lynchburg Business Went Green

Posted by: Lynchburg EDA on Nov 14, 2016 3:00PM


BMS Direct in Lynchburg, Virginia has been built on progressive technology and state-of-the-art equipment since its beginning. Therefore, you might expect that the organization has adopted solar power into its facility. However, BMS actually supplemented 45% of its total energy usage with renewable energy technologies. In less than three months since installing a solar system, BMS has generated 83,000 kilowatt hours of energy with the system.

When BMS switched to renewable energy, their bottomline significantly improved. Not only has the company reduced its carbon footprint, they also saved over $3,000 per month. James LaPrade, President of BMS, remains proud of his decision to go solar. After diligent research and number crunching, LaPrade reasoned that a solar power investment that made sense both physically and fiscally. With 722 panels installed on the rooftop and a facility entirely lit by LED lights, BMS expects to break even on installation costs in just two years.

Some businesses shy away from renewable energy due to misconceptions about steep upfront costs and reliability of systems. However, BMS dispels solar energy skepticism with energy-saving success. Between tax credits, supplemented energy consumption, and additional savings, the benefits outweigh the upfront costs of investing solar energy solutions.”